Descending Mount Snowdon, what we packed and important notes

After we reached the summit of Mount Snowdon, it was soon time to make our way down. Several hikers were taking the Llanberis route down and then taking the Sherpa bus back to the village. We were thinking of joining them but we knew that this route was longer, so we decided to go back the way we came and then take the Miner’s Track back to the hostel. I tried to go as slow as possible on the way down, and as far away from the edge as I could, but it was pretty hard considering the paths (not that they were paths) were only a couple of feet wide. Some areas were pretty steep and although we managed to climb up them, climbing down was a lot harder and I had to dig my heels into the snow at every step to stop myself from slipping. I even had to sit and slide down slowly on my bum in some places as I was too scared to stand! Before we knew it, we reached the point where the Pyg Track met the Miner’s Track and we turned right down towards the latter where after reaching the bottom, we stopped for a quick lunch break and ate our baguettes whilst relishing the thought of having actually reached the summit of Mount Snowdon. From there onwards, it took just over an hour to reach our hostel and the end of Miner’s Track, which was pretty easy going as it was more or less flat the rest of the way.


What I wore and packed on the day

  • Nike thermal running tights (I usually wear these on their own if I’m running in sub zero temperatures)
  • Icebreaker 200 baselayer
  • Sweat-wicking tech running t-shirt
  • Nike long sleeve dri-fit running top
  • Mountain Warehouse waterproof trousers
  • Snowboarding socks
  • Hiking boots
  • Dakine snowboarding gloves
  • Bonfire snowboarding jacket
  • Barts woolly hat
  • Karrimor 20L bag containing whistle, compass, map, first aid kit, mobile, water, several different energy and Soreen bars and a baguette for lunch


Important notes

If you’re seriously considering hiking to the summit in the winter, make sure you check the latest weather forecast and that you have the correct gear and equipment on the day. Although we were told that an ice axe and crampons were essential, we managed without but we were constantly assessing the situation, the visibility, the snow conditions, etc and luckily the snow was soft on the day. If the path had iced over, then we would not have been safe without crampons and would have turned back .


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